Spa Marie de Bourgogne at the hotel Le Cep in Beaune

Spa  Marie de Bourgogne

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The Marie de Bourgogne Spa is double winner of the world luxury spa 2017!

A Refined and elegant spa, , keeping in harmony with the pure Burgundian spirit of the Cep, the Spa offers over 350 square meters dedicated to 15 different sensorial experiences.

Accessible directly from the hotel in your bathrobe, it is located on the 1 st floor, above our garage.

It is the ideal area to propose 15 sensorial experiences :

To keep in shape

For relaxation and well-being :

H2O area

  1. Full body cryotherapy
  2. Aquabiking
  3. Wellsystem dry massage bed
  4. Balneotherapy
  5. Jouvence flotation bed
  6. Pressure therapy
  7. Cryo 21
  8. Chromotherapy
  9. TouchSkin 21
  1. Body wrap and flotation bed
  2. 4 massage cabins, one of which is located in our panoramic tower, and two that are for duo massages
  3. Facial treatment

  1. Sensorial shower
  2. Sauna
  3. Relaxation area with heating beds
  4. Tea corner
  5. Boutique
  6. Hammam


 The arrival of our 15th sensorial experience at the Spa Marie de Bourgogne allows us more than ever to position ourselves as a spa that remains on the cutting edge of technology, and allows our spa practitioners to offer a wide array of beauty and rejuvenating solutions to our clients!  

Full body cryotherapy :

Immerge yourself in air frozeon to as low as -170° C during 3 minutes, in a cabin of liquid nitrogen which generates the positive reactions produced by the body. In response to the extreme cold, the human body will secrete endorphins that produce a feeling of euphoria.

Cryo 21 slimming :

Cryo 21 is a localized slimming treatment using cold (-8°C). Fat cells are destroyed by provoking a thermal shock that lowers the temperature of the cells untill they are permanently destroyed (apoptosis).

Chromotherapy :

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is a harmonization method and a natural cure using colors. Chromotherapy uses numerous properties of light on our body to trigger favourable physiological responses stimulating the organs. This technique allows the treatment of the root causes of daily problems as seasonal depression, lack of wellness, stress, imblance in body’s energies.

TouchSkin 21 :

TouchSkin 21 is a new technology that performs targeted actions to different skin problems, without damaging the surrouding tissues thanks to external electrocoagulation. The skin cells will be renewed without leaving any scar tissue. The treatment is quick and efficient, and can be usef on the body (stretch marks, scars, spots…) as well as on the face (deep wrinkles, drooping eyelids, nasolabial fold, crow’s feet…)

For our line of cosmetics, we chose Vinésime.

VINESIME : Precious cosmetics based on the excellence of the Burgundy region with extracts of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, as well as blackcurrant berry buds.

The sensorial experience proposed by the spa Marie de Bourgogne will plunge you deep into the beauty of Burgundy, a pleasure that you can relish without moderation during your stay at the hotel Le Cep !

The SPA Marie de Bourgogne is open every day from 8am to 8pm.

For our clients from Le Cep of course, but also for clients from outside, on appointment.

You can contact the reception by phone +33 3 80 22 35 48 or by email :

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Fitness center

Le Cep proposes a fitness room équipped with cardio machines, located at the top of our panoramic tower.

As for sports amateurs, we have a partnership with the sports club Appart Fitness, just 400m from the hotel!

A modern air-conditioned club of over 950 m², with cardio training, weigh lifting and over 80 different workout areas including : floor mats - elliptic bike - stationary bike - stepper - rower - Olypic weight bench - spinning room - fitness classes with 4 state licensed coaches.

Our clients benefit from a special rate, only 15€ per entry !